Start Repairing Your Credit in 60 Seconds

Ready to rent an apartment? Or buy a car? Good credit will be essential.

With good credit you’re eligible for credit cards, auto-loans, mortgages, and personal loans you might not have access to otherwise. And you get better interest rates. You’re able to easily rent an apartment. You could even be a more desirable job candidate.

To have “good” credit you need a score around 700. Possible Finance can help you get there.

Your credit score is determined by a variety of factors including payment history and length of credit history. One of the best ways to improve your credit score is to make on-time payments over time. However, only payments that are reported to the credit bureaus count toward your credit score, such as credit card or installment loan payments.

Here’s the catch: if you don’t have good credit already you can’t get approved for credit products, making it very difficult to build credit. That’s where Possible Finance comes in.

We believe everyone deserves access to financial assistance and the opportunity to build toward a better future.

That’s why we created a friendly, short-term loan product that doesn’t involve a credit check so it’s easier to get approved. Once approved, we report the status of your loan to the credit bureaus which helps improve your credit score.

A few customers have reported that their credit score increased by almost 100 points after just one loan with Possible Finance!

Here’s how it works: download the Possible Finance app on your phone and apply in about 60 seconds. We’ll loan you up to $500* and you’ll get to pay it back in four affordable payments over the next two months.

Payments are automatically withdrawn from your account on the selected dates so you can set it and forget it. We’ll send you reminders before each payment in case you need to reschedule. At the end of each month we report your loan payments to the credit bureaus. As long as they are completed in a timely manner, you’re well on your way to good credit!

*Amount varies by state