150,000+ Join Possible Card Waitlist

Kevin Platshon
May 12, 2022

Last week, we shared what’s next at our growing company and how we will continue to pursue our mission of expanding financial fairness with the launch of new products that aim to better help our customers break the debt cycle and unlock economic mobility. The Possible Card was one of those announcements. 

The Possible Card is not a traditional credit card with interest charges or penalty fees. Instead, we built something entirely different: a card designed to protect our members from mounting debt and to teach healthy financial habits. It is the only true, unsecured credit card with no interest or late fees – ever – just one simple flat monthly fee. This model allows us to offer the kind of credit building and access to funds our members can’t find anywhere else. Rather than guide our members to other fee-based revolving options that might keep them in a continuous cycle of debt, we wanted to create and offer a better solution with the Possible Card.

Today, we’re pleased to share that more than 150,000 people have joined the Possible Card waitlist. We’re confident that this card will change lives for the better, and we’re thrilled to see this level of excitement so quickly. The trust placed in us by our community is humbling.

Our commitment is to bring the best product to market for our members and are working tirelessly to get it ready for primetime. 

Kevin Platshon

Kevin is the Chief Product + Marketing Officer (CPMO) of Possible Finance.

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