Best Cash Apps to Borrow Money From

Michael Collins
March 3, 2021

If you are in need of some money, using a cash app to borrow money could be a great way to make ends meet. There are plenty of cash apps to choose from, so it’s important to be informed about them before you get one. 

Cash Apps to Borrow Money From

At some point in our lives, most of us come across hard times financially. Life is hard, and sometimes there are unexpected expenses or emergency payments that must be made. These expenses don’t care if you have the money or not, and it can put you in an even deeper hole if you fail to pay them off. Thankfully, there are many accessible financial services that can allow you to borrow money from them to make ends meet. 

However, some are better than others. Doing things like overdrafting your account or getting a payday loan can be extremely expensive and can really hurt your credit score if you cannot pay the money back. While they sometimes may seem necessary, there is almost always another option besides an overdraft fee or getting a payday loan.

One such financial service that is better than overdrafting your account or getting a payday loan are cash apps. A cash app is an app that will allow you to borrow money from them, whether it be in the form of paycheck advance, or some other small loan or borrowing scheme. Unlike a typical brick and mortar payday loan store or bank, these are all apps that you can borrow money with right from the comfort of your home. Likewise, cash app users can access money relatively quickly which is important if you are in a pinch financially. 

Because there are so many different cash apps that get you your money in so many different ways, it can be overwhelming when deciding which one to get. Thankfully, your friends at Possible Finance have done the research for you so you don’t have to! Here’s some cash apps to borrow money from. 


Earnin is a payday advance app. A payday advance app is an app that lets you have access to money before your paycheck hits on payday. The amount of money you can borrow usually depends on how much you usually make on payday as well as some other additional features. While cash advance apps might seem free, there is oftentimes a membership fee or other gimmick that does not make the payday advance free. 

Did you know that your paycheck is oftentimes sitting in cyberspace waiting to go into your account for up to a few days before your payday? As odd and counterintuitive as it sounds, companies oftentimes make payroll and get the transactions approved long before your actual payday. Earnin allows you to borrow money against that paycheck that is sitting in banking limbo. 

Think of it like this: your next paycheck is supposed to be for $500, but you only have $10 in the bank account. Let’s say you need gas on Tuesday, but it’s going to be more expensive than $10. Instead of overdrafting your account and paying high interest and even more cash fees, you can use Earnin to advance money, in essence, borrow money. Once your paycheck comes, you simply pay back what you borrowed. 

Earnin is awesome because it allows you to get your money much faster than other apps. Once you wait the 72 hours it requires to approve your account, you can get your money relatively quickly. Usually, you get your money on the same day you request it. Further, Earnin only really costs through its “tipping” method where customers tip Earnin for their successful cash advances. You get to choose what you pay!

On the flip side, Earning only allows you to borrow up to $100 the first few times you borrow money from them. If you really need a big chunk of money, you might need to look elsewhere. Likewise, you can only borrow once per pay period. This can be a problem if you get paid monthly instead of weekly or bi-weekly. 

Need some money and need it quick? Possible can help.



Dave is an app that is fairly similar to Earnin. Dave was created to help people avoid overdraft fees by offering a payday advance product. Backed by Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, the company is worth about $1 billion dollars and has over 7 million users to date!

Dave’s payday advance feature is relatively cheap. All for a low cost of $1 a month, you can have access to Dave’s features. Compared to other cash apps, this is a very nice price and is almost nothing compared to the fees you would otherwise get charged with overdrafting! However, this $1 a month membership fee is only the basic level membership. It can take up to 3 business days to normally get your paycheck advance with Dave unless you pay $5 to have it delivered in a few hours. 

Similar to Earnin, you can only advance about $100 worth for the first few times you borrow money with Dave. This can be unfortunate if you really need a sizable amount of cash. After a few advances, you will be able to withdraw up to $500 which is a nice feature. 

Dave has some awesome features outside of just payday advances. For example, Dave can help build your credit through services such as helping to report your rent payments to credit bureaus. Likewise, it has a pretty nice budgeting app that can help you keep track of all of your finances. 

Overall, Dave has some awesome features that separate it from other pay advance  apps. However, certain aspects like a long delivery time and a small initial withdrawal amount can make it inefficient in a time of dire need. 


Chime is a relatively notable online bank with many features that users love. Something that separates Chime is that it is not just a cash app but is also an app that you can get credit cards and open accounts with. You can open checking and high yield savings accounts and manage them all on the go with the Chime app. 

Chime is different from Earnin and Dave in that it does not only offer a payday advance feature. With Chime’s SpotMe, you do not exactly get access to money, but you can have up to $100 in overdrafting without getting charged a fee. Note that it is initially a $20 limit but is increased to $100 later. Once you get your next paycheck, Chime will allow you to pay off this negative balance at no cost. Like Earnin, you can ‘tip’ Chime if you feel so inclined to do so. 

Similar to Dave and Earnin, Chime offers a feature that allows you to have access to your paycheck before it hits. However, instead of simply borrowing money or getting your paycheck advanced, Chime allows you to have access to your paycheck up to 2 days in advance. Remember how we mentioned your paycheck is in limbo before it hits your account? Chime goes and gets it for you!

While Chime is a helpful app and has some good banking features, its cash app features are limited compared to some of the other apps. 


Brigit is another popular cash app that allows borrowers to get their money advanced to them from their paychecks. Brigit is a very clean app with an easy interface that can make it simpler to get the cash you need. 

One of the benefits of Brigit is that when you get one of these payday advances there is no credit check and there is no interest involved either! If you have a poor credit score but still need to have access to money, using an app like Brigit is a great way to do that. 

Brigit offers users an instant funding feature. Compared to apps like Dave and Earnin, if you need your money very quickly Brigit is likely your best potion. However, this comes at a cost that is heftier than both those apps combined. For $10 a month, you can have access to this instant funding feature. While this may seem like a lot for just that feature, it also allows you to have no-cost repayment extensions, and automated cash advance plus a nominal $9 fee if the user is nearing an overdraft.

Another good feature about Brigit is that it is proven to be one of the most safe apps with your money. While other apps have some security issues that have resulted in some users’ information being compromised, Brigit uses an intense encryption process that offers great security for your information. 


Branch is an app that on the surface seems like a replica of some of these other apps, but under the hood Branch is an app that separates itself by being the best cash app for employers. When employers use Branch, it allows their employees to have access to features that they otherwise could not get with other cash apps. 

Like the other apps, using Branch allows you to get access to your paycheck two days in advance of it actually coming. They also have a ‘Branch Card’ that employees can get that allows them to get their money instantly. 

Another aspect that sets Branch apart is that you can advance up to $500 per pay period. While this requires you to pay for the membership fee, it is a substantially larger paycheck advance amount than some of the other apps. If you have a major expense that needs to be paid quickly, using Branch can allow you to have the cash that you need. While other apps might limit you to about $200 per pay period, Branch understands that you might need more money than that, and thus they have a higher paycheck advance limit. 

Branch also has a very cool savings education program that teachers users how to be smarter with their money and meet their savings goals. This is paired with a budgeting feature within the Branch app that allows workers to keep track of their finances so they can meet their savings goals or any other type of financial goal. 


We at Possible feel that we are not only the superior ‘cash app’ but we are also a company that is fighting financial unfairness in a world of injustice. People are constantly falling on tough times. Especially in times like the pandemic, it can be extremely difficult to make ends meet financially. Managing your finances is hard by itself, but when an unexpected expense or an emergency payment arises, it may feel like you have nowhere to turn. 

In the past, when people faced hard times they often had to turn to payday lenders if they had a bad credit score. Payday lenders were the only ones that would be willing to lend to people with bad credit scores and would take advantage of these people with predatory lending practices such as short repayment periods and APR’s in the high hundreds or even thousands! Possible recognized this injustice and came up with a product to fight against it. 

Our product is called a credit builder loan. We understand that to build credit you oftentimes need to have credit. This is an unfair Catch 22 that we wanted to change. When applying for our loan, we do not check your credit. Instead, when you get your loan application approved, you can have your money within minutes. While many of these other cash apps take days to get you your money, we have instant direct deposits that go right into your bank account. 

When paying back our loans, we report payments to Experian and TransUnion. This builds your credit history over time, unlike most payday lenders and many cash apps. If you are struggling to make your loan payments, you can extend your payment up to 29 days right within our easy to use app. 

Overall, we want to not only fight financial injustice but we also want to build value for our customers. While we provide loans, we don’t want you to have to use our loans forever. We want to graduate our users to financial freedom where they do not need to worry about taking debt out anymore. Because of this, we work to give you the money you need while also improving your credit score. At Possible, a better future financially is possible! 

Thinking about getting a loan with the best cash app around? Download the Possible app today and get the money you need quickly!

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