December 2019 Reviews

Chang Fu
Jan 10, 2020

Every month, we highlight some of our favorite reviews along with things we can improve on. We ended the year strong in December and we want to highlight some of our favorite reviews. We’re always looking to improve our product and experience for our customers so if you have additional feedback, please let us know at [email protected]

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Feeling the love

“I wanted to let you know I received the funds this morning sometime before I got up:) It was in my account and available. My wife was on my Facebook the other day and I had her look to see if you had a facebook page for the company and I found it. Would you mind if I had her write a comment about you on the reviews? We have talked about your determination, amazing customer service skills and the fact that you go way beyond most to make sure that the customer is taking care. It’s hard to find customer service like that anymore. I noticed that Possible Finance is gaining a great customer base very fast. Great Customer service goes a long way!” -Kenneth

“Best app ever yo! Its legit as can be and has the lowest loan interest ever you can change the date your payments are due to a later date if you need more time in order to pay it plus it builds your credit idk what more to tell anybody besides that you should try this app it also doesn’t cost a thing either free as can be I love it soooooo much” -Android review

“I have terrible credit – I have literally tried every loan option out there. This was the only company willing to take a chance on me and I am forever grateful. With rent and car note due I was falling about $200 short since I’ve been on work leave pay so I have been really struggling to get by. I came across this app on Facebook and within minutes I was approved for a short term loan of $200!! Exactly what I needed to make due and at the same time it will help me improve my credit it’s a win win for me! Thank you again!” – iOS review

“Way stuff going for me not surprise thanks to your whole company you have no idea how many times i have been ready to give up but i think how well strangers so far away have shown me so much caring!! Always be grateful.” – David K.

“This app was fast and easy and I was approved for the amount requested. I like that there is a grace period if you need time to pay back the payment! The only issue I had was linking my bank card as it denied saying they could only work with Visa Debit Cards, and my bank card is a Visa Debit Card. Other than that tiny issue I can’t complain!” – App store review

“Very easy to use, and extremely helpful. Got a small loan just to test that it could help my credit. After 2 payments (one month), my credit went up 108 points.” – App store review

“I love Possible Finance because you all are always there for me. Thanks for giving me a chance.” – Joanne

“Amazing quality of service. Helped me out during a very rough time for my family. Thank you for understanding and providing exceptional care.” – Lance

“You guys are real humans and that’s awesome.” – Nancy A.

“Finally able to accept and through… I truly appreciate your help with this…. wish I could give you a hug as thanks so much for patient and work those issue solved” – Doris

“I love Possible Finance! After going through a rough patch in life about 3 yrs ago, my credit got hit big time. I’ve been working on building up recently and I applied for a loan through them 3 months ago and got denied. My credit has gone up since then and I got an email stating I was now prequalified! I was now approved and am happy a loan company finally believes in me again. Also, knowing there is a 29 day grace period is comforting. Thank you Possible! It’s only uphill from here!” – App store review

“This company really is amazing. The loan process is easy and fast. My credit score has gone up a total of 84 points in less than 2 months. There are a few things that the app says you can do but when you try it tells you “you are not authorized to view this page” however they direct you to send a help request and the employees answer so fast and are extremly polite and helpful. They seem to genuinly want to make sure you get the full benefit of the program which in large is increasing your score.” – App store review

“I was skeptical about this app at first. After downloading it and applying for a loan it asks for persoanl details like bank information, address, social, etc. Basically the same stuff a loan company would ask you for. The app is amazing! The payments are flexible and you get to choose your own payback date, the company behind the app also reports to credit bureaus at the end of each month, so far my credit score has increased alot! This app is perfect if you are looking to improve your credit!” – App store review

“One of the best loan sources on the market! Not only are they the best but they are very smart on how they let you burrow. They literally give you a chance to earn their trust so that you may borrow more in the future. Can’t forget the amazing customer service. I’d recommend possible finance to anyone.” – iOS review from Bri 88

“I literally needed the money for my light bill and I have my kids with me. I know this is a sign of god that he is with me and thank you good people!” – iOS review from Stacey

“So Lendup does not offer loans to Florida residents atm so i looked into another loan company that offers the same type of services and actually found something better in Possible Finance! Flexible pay and reasonable interest rates especially for people needing quick cash to help them out of a pickle!” – iOS review from CheechPalazzolo

“Good morning I just want to say thank you, My last payment was paid out on friday. You all have been so kind during the roughest season of my life. Now things are much better! And I hope (Possible) will allow me to apply again for the holidays! Thank you again for your kindness! I have refered 10 people! And will continue to tell others about Possible!” – App store review

“Been a rough month at work but now it’s POSSIBLE to have Christmas with my son now.” – App store review

“I really like that you all sent out this email. It feels like you were very responsible to let us know something that could hurt us financially. And I really appreciate that. You won’t be charging me returned check fees and neither will my bank! Happy holidays!” – Email feedback

“There is no issues Just wanted to say how awesome you guys are. And thank you. I get lots of offers via email and I will only loan with your company. Plus it helps my credit again thank you.” – Joeline

“This was truly a lifesaver in an unexpected financial inconvenience and the fact that I was APPROVED and RECEIVED the money in one day is AMAZING! I am definitely saving and using this app in the future if need be.” – App store review

Thank you to our customers for trusting us and giving us a chance to improve your financial health. If you haven’t tried a Possible loan yet, you can apply for your loan today! For additional content, you can read more about payday loans or the Possible mission.

Feeling the burn

“I use to be a customer till you stopped in California. You helped me out in so many ways to get my sons medication for his epilepsy. I hope you come back to California soon. I sure can use the help” – Liz

“It’s not really an issue, but before you guys revised the app you used to have an available option to just pay the loan off in full. I LOVED THAT. Now you have to schedule it and the process is slower then what it used to be. Can you guys bring that option back?” – Email feedback

“Unreal. Paid off a loan in full and you guys denied me. Terrible business decision…” -Jake

“I had to stop because your app is loaded with accessibility problems.  Firstly, your link bank account button refused to proceed for several hours.  Once I got through, I then, had to take a selfy which is very difficult for a blind person to do, then, I had to get sighted assistance in order to take a photo of my I.d.  The latest problem is that the area where I’m supposed to enter my birth date is completely inaccessible with voiceover. Voiceover reads it all together, making it impossible to select the right month, date and year.  Right now, I’m really annoyed with the entire thing, and so I’m giving it a rest for now.” – App store review

“Are you working to be compatible with Chime Bank again? I was really impressed with your customer service and the interest rate with my previous loan and was really needing help for Christmas. My husband is on disability and I have an 8 year old son and I would rather try and help myself than take away from someone who needs help more than myself.” – App store review

“Unless you just want one loan and nothing more this is the loan for you. My loan was paid on time and within the 8 week period yet I keep getting denied for a second loan. I even requested the same amount I got last time and I’m still denied. I guess all the reviews about them not wanting to help out more than once were true. I was really hoping to get a small loan to help out with Christmas but I guess I’ll have to take my business elsewhere.” – iOS review from Stan806

“I actually love Possible Finance. I’ve paid off a couple loans with them. However, I attempted to apply for another loan, and i keep getting a message that says it can’t connect to my bank and wants me to relink my bank account. I click on the “relink button” and it does nothing. I sent in an email for assistance and no one reached out to me. I’m not sure why my bank would all of a sudden not be linked when I made my last payment a week ago. Hopefully someone reaches out to me soon or I will simply cancel and move on to a more reliable lender.” – iOS reviewer Ryeguy1989

Thanks to both our current customers and prospective customers for feedback. It is honest and transparent feedback that helps us improve our product. We will strive to make things better, easier, and simpler for you. Please leave additional feedback or apply for a loan directly in the Possible app.

In December, we announced that we’re back in California and we’re accepting Chime bank customers!

Chang Fu

Chang is an avid writer, among other things, at Possible. He grew up loving reading and writing, creating his own poems and even a book he's now hidden in an old closet, unpublished. His financial experience at a large bank along with his passion for technology to help underserved communities inspires him to write for Possible.

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