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Michael Collins
Apr 19, 2021

Roughly 38 million people living within the United States receive some sort of benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP program, also known as “food stamps” or “EBT.” With nearly every American having a smartphone, it is no surprise that there are apps for your food assistance program. Let’s take a look at what these unique apps are and how they can help you and other SNAP recipients. 

What is a Food Stamp App? 

If your household has been receiving food assistance from an EBT program for some time, you may remember how much of a pain it was to keep track of your balances on your account. In the past, SNAP recipients likely had to continually call a hotline to get their current balance or keep a strict account of their spending to know their current balance at any given time. This was not only tedious but often may have been inaccurate at times.

Naturally, as technology has progressed, there have been improvements for nutrition assistance users to make their lives easier when it comes to managing their food stamp balances. As you might frequently hear, “there’s an app for that” and yes, there are apps for food stamps. 

These apps not only simplify the EBT process but can also help you to spend your food stamp money more efficiently. In terms of simplicity, these apps allow you to instantly check your EBT card balance in a matter of seconds. No more calling, just a few clicks and you can know where your account stands at any moment. In terms of saving you money, many of these apps show discounts and coupons for nearby stores and brands, so you can make sure to get the most bang for your buck with some awesome deals. 

Likewise, many of these apps also provide features beyond just giving you your food stamp balance and giving you discounts. Some apps include features that enable you to find jobs, side hustles, and other sources of income near you. 

Truly, constantly budgeting and calling someone to get your EBT balance is a thing of the past. Food stamp / EBT apps have changed the way low-income households track and use their food stamp funds. Still unsure about apps like this? Let’s keep diving into food stamp / EBT apps. 

Best Food Stamp / EBT App: Fresh EBT

If you have an online bank, virtual debit card, or any other digital form of banking, you already know the overall benefits it can bring. Being able to manage your monthly benefit and check your balances with just a few clicks is a great feature that really simplifies your personal finances. The Fresh EBT app brings this same simplicity with online banking to food stamps / EBT. 

Fresh EBT works like a bank in that it is a place where you can have access to all of your finances right at your fingertips. Put simply, Fresh EBT is a place where you can manage the money on your EBT account and spend that money as effectively as possible. Let’s now take a look at some of the major features of Fresh EBT that make it such an excellent app for its users. 

Easily Check Your Balance

The main feature of Fresh EBT is that you can check the balance on your EBT account. In the past, you needed to call a hotline and input your 16-digit card as well as your PIN just to check the balance. Obviously, this is quite tedious, and the time spent doing this has been cut in half with Fresh EBT. At any time, you are able to log into the app and see how much money you currently have. This lets you take out the guesswork when buying food items since you can know where you stand at all times!

Weekly Recommended Budget

Along with this, Fresh EBT has a feature that recommends a budget for you. Right under your EBT balance, Fresh EBT let’s you know how much they think you should be able to spend on groceries this week. By following this weekly budget, you are sure to never run out of money to buy food at the end of the month. This is an awesome feature of Fresh EBT that stands to really help its users have enough money for healthy food every month, so they don’t sleep on empty stomachs. 

Saves Money with Featured Deals and Coupons

Fresh EBT goes above and beyond when it comes to your food stamps account. Fresh EBT not only tries to organize your EBT finances but also works to save you valuable money as well. 

Fresh EBT does this by showing each customer a variety of deals and coupons near them. By finding the best deals so users don’t have to, users can save valuable time and money. Fresh EBT has reportedly helped save customers over $15 million by doing this. Even further, Fresh EBT gives its users many cheap and delicious recipes along with other ideas on how to stretch every last dollar. 

Fresh EBT knows it can be difficult to manage all of your EBT finances while making sure you're getting fed every day. Fresh EBT created features like these to make sure you can spend every dollar efficiently and never run out of food stamps.

Job Postings

Fresh EBT not only tries to save you money, but they also try to get you to earn some as well! Fresh EBT automatically scans job listings in your area and provides a list of places where you can potentially find work. Again, Fresh EBT saves time and effort by doing a lot of heavy lifting for you.

Helpful Information

If you rely on food stamps, you know that sometimes they aren’t enough to make ends meet for the entire month. Fresh EBT understands this and makes an effort to make sure all of your needs are taken care of every month. 

Fresh EBT shows you the location of food pantries in your area. Likewise, Fresh EBT partners with programs like Feeding America and Double Up Food Bucks that can help you make ends meet if you are running out of money every month. Overall, Fresh EBT is concerned about you and wants to make sure you have nutritious food in your belly every month.

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Other Apps to Help Those with Low Income

While Fresh EBT is arguably the best app for food stamps / EBT, it may not fulfill every need you have. As such, let’s look at some other apps that can help you in other areas of your life if you struggle to make ends meet. 


Range is an app that focuses on kids aged 18 and under that struggle with food insecurity. If you have a child, relative, or know someone of this age that struggles to get the necessary food they need, this is a great app. Especially in the summer, kids no longer have school programs and hot lunches that can be given to them. “Summer meals” by Range which is supported by USDA, allows kids to get the food they need if they are struggling. 

Range essentially shows parents and kids locations where feeding sites are occurring. These sites can have meals that range from breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to just one meal, to just a few snacks. Overall, Range keeps parents and children informed about where they can get their next meal if they are struggling to find sustenance. 


While Fresh EBT has a feature that allows you to find the best prices near you and to find coupons and deals that could save you money, customers sometimes complain that this is not enough.The Fresh EBT app doesn't show you what foods can be purchased with food stamps, so you may often find yourself trying to buy things that cannot actually be bought with EBT. 

Flipp is an app that really steps up where Fresh EBT falls short in this regard. Flipp filters through roughly 800 retailers to find you the best deals all around you. Even more, you can create a personalized grocery shopping list on Flipp that can help you be organized when it comes time to buy your groceries. You can also input your EBT card information to further find you better deals and save you more and more money every single month. 

Fed 40

Fed 40 is an app that helps needy families get food items delivered right to their door. Especially in times of need, Fed 40 is an app that gives the necessary nutrition to people that are unable to get their groceries by themselves. Fed 40 is a relatively new app, but it has already begun delivering tens of thousands of meals to people in need. 

With Fed 40, the user fills out a basic form on the app. This form mostly outlines the user’s income, household size, and food needs. Once this is established, Fed 40 will send you 40 meal packs right to your door, as soon as the next day! 

Food Keeper

Food Keeper is a simple, yet intuitive app that helps you make sure none of your food goes to waste! Every year, roughly 72 billion pounds of food are wasted. Yes, that is billions with a “b.” In most households, roughly 20% of food is wasted, on average. If you live paycheck to paycheck and rely on food stamps to get you most of your nutrition, this is not food that can be afforded to be wasted. Everything you throw away is a dollar that could have been better spent in a different way. 

Food Keeper helps to fix this problem. Food Keeper has information on the shelf life of over 400 products, which can help you to know if your food might be spoiled or needs to be eaten in the next few days. Also, Food Keeper can send you reminders to eat that food that might be hidden in the back of your fridge. Throwing away essential food is extremely frustrating, and Food Keeper is here to make sure that never happens to you again!

An App to Help Make Ends Meet: Possible Finance

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