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Team Possible
Nov 20, 2022

Relief Plan — for when your budget should be the last thing on your mind

At Possible, our promise is to be your financial partner for all of life’s ups and downs. And every day, we’re honored to hear that the Possible Loan has been there for you.

But we can’t ignore recent events: the rise of the climate catastrophe, a global pandemic, and the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, eliminating the constitutional right to an abortion after almost 50 years and obstructing millions from medical care. 

Back in April 2020, we introduced our COVID Relief Plan. Today we’re introducing our expanded Relief Plan, which helps us deliver on our promise by covering all of the following: 

  • A death in your immediate family
  • Serious illness, hospitalization or disability
  • A natural disaster in your community as declared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (”FEMA”) or state government authority, including tornado, earthquake, fire, or flood
  • Incurred expenses in connection with critical medical care, including abortion care
  • A mass casualty incident in your community
  • Incurred expenses as a result of a home emergency— including domestic violence, fire

In any of these cases, Possible will assist you by deferring loan payments for one month past the 29-day grace period in our loan contracts without a negative impact on credit. 

There are no silver linings to these events, but we know that your budget should be the last thing on your mind. We are here to support you in times of hardship and to benefit your financial resilience and well-being.

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Team Possible

At Possible, we believe financial health is something everyone deserves. It’s our mission to help you and your community, break the debt cycle and unlock economic mobility for generations to come.

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