Possible Finance App Reviews - August 2020

Chang Fu
Aug 28, 2020

Every month, we show a few of our best reviews and worst reviews. We’re always striving to make our products better so if you have additional feedback, please let us know at [email protected]

Looking for the Possible app? Download the Possible app to borrow up to $500 and build credit history. Please reach out to us here if you need help with payments or run into issues with the application process.

Feeling the love

This app came in SO clutch. Reasonable payment plans. Saved me!

Easy set up process 👍 and prompt response from support team. I love doing business with Possible Finance they really help me in my time of need.

I don't rate anything, so buckle up and listen ya money gremlins! This is TEA! This app is a godsend, you need to keep that account above $0? Done! Trying to boost credit like yours truly here? They got you! Need flexibility in payments? Well hop right on the app and just pick your date you wanna pay! I just finished a loan up THIS MORNING! Guess what I was allowed to do? That's right! Got another loan TODAY! This app is more faithful than your cheating fiance could ever lie to you that they are.

Wonderful app and helps a lot for emergencies like hurricane season and the pandemic!

I could not have been told about this great app at such a time! It made the ease of applying a breeze. I'm thankful to Credit Sesame for the recommendation as well. About to share with my friends & family.

Possible made it possible to eat this week. Sorry other apps, I found a good neighbor! Thank you Possible! **

Just wow it actually works and I'm that person that never gets approved for what ever reason. This is legit and I'm so thankful. This pandemic has really put me behind. Now I can safely and securely get back on track!!!!

WOW! Got approved on my 1st try! Nice that a company doesn't just look at your credit score & gives you a chance to show that you can make pymts on time (for a reasonable amount), improve your credit score & be able to borrow again after paying off the 1st loan!!!

Ok so I have another update! This company is actually pretty awesome. I paid off one loan with them and then I received another loan with no issues. I am a little annoyed that I couldn't qualify for the amount I requested but it was a higher amount. So little by little I am getting there. They are transparent with their process you just have to make sure you are paying attention to the disclosures as everything is in writing. They can be hard to reach, but overall I give them an A+ rating

Possible is the best type of pay advance loan established. Their dates are super flexible with a low cost payment plan. Even if the preset dates don't work for you, you can always push back the dates. What I love most about this app is the low interest added on. I still have money left over after to do what I need. This app will forever be my go to when I need a pay advance.

Possible is absolutely amazing and i have had nothing but great experiences with them. I highly recommend and to the people who run it, thank you and i look forward to continue working with you.

I needed a few dollars to get by until payday. I downloaded the possible app and within 1 hour they deposited a small loan which was exactly what I needed. Thank you possible!

Fast and Reliable, they even give you options to change your payment date up to 29 days out. Thank you Possible finance, you rock! Have worked with them for 4 loans now. Very consistent and report to your credit.

I have horrible credit, but Possible Finance was still able to get me a loan. Each time I pay it off, I can then re-loan with a higher amount if needed.

I've gone through other loan companies and the interest rate is significantly lower with Possible than any other one I've tried. My credit score shot up about 50 points before I was even done paying off my first loan. Great app, great service. Nothing to complain about here.

This will be my 3rd time getting a loan without a hassle. It only costs a fraction of what regular type payday loans cost. I love this app!!!

I never leave reviews, but within 20 minutes of downloading the app, I had an approved loan and money in my bank account. Have to say, easiest process I've been through, and certainly the fastest. Helped me in my emergency to pay crucial bills, so the interest is reasonable considering the alternative.

Thanks to our customers for trying Possible and giving us a chance to improve your financial health.

Feeling the burn

I notice my account says I can't apply for another loan until Dec. I think that you should reconsider this since I was in good standing until you decided to stop supporting my bank. I had to go back and forth with you guys for months and months to sort it out.

I really wanted to like this app but after numerous id card uploads and selfies...the system was unable to verify my identity. Is a person looking at the two photos or an algorithm? And I wonder how many times this happens to women. If their hair is different or they're wearing makeup in the selfie but not the license, etc.

I need all of my payments to show as paid from every loan I've ever taken out. They only show open and closed and not my payment history.

Unfortunately the app has given me nothing but problems. I've had to submit my application multiple times and each time it ask me to relink my bank account.

I downloaded this app because I got referred to from a friend saying that they approved mostly everyone. But my application got denied...

Thanks to both our current and prospective customers for feedback on areas we can improve on. It is honest and transparent feedback that helps us improve our products and services over time. We want to make things better, easier, and simpler for you. Please apply for a loan directly in the Possible app or read more about us on our installment loans page or how we’re different from traditional payday loans.

Chang Fu

Chang is an avid writer, among other things, at Possible. He grew up loving reading and writing, creating his own poems and even a book he's now hidden in an old closet, unpublished. His financial experience at a large bank along with his passion for technology to help underserved communities inspires him to write for Possible.

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