Possible Finance Reviews - April 2020

Chang Fu
Apr 28, 2020

The ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is causing hardship and economic difficulties around the country and we know our customers are impacted. At Possible, we’re working from home and helping both existing and new customers get access to the money they need and build credit history. Please reach out to us here if you need help with payments or run into issues with the app or the process.

Every month, we highlight some of our favorite reviews along with things we can improve on. We’re always looking to make our product better so if you have additional feedback, please let us know.

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Feeling the love

"Love the service, always prompt and help me 100%. Can't do without you!!" -Anonymous Review

"I found that they were really understanding, very helpful of the situation and did a really good job. I can never thank them enough!" -Anonymous Review

"I am a first time customer and I love positivity. It's the best place to go to if you need a loan. The best part is you can make your own payment dates that are convenient for you! Very easy sign up and just the best all around! Thank you Possible you guys are awesome!!" -Anonymous Review

"Possible has helped me tremendously with this whole issue. No income in my home and not sure when I can return to work. Had to borrow money from family just to make it. But Possible understood and helped me offset my payments until I can get some income. Thanks!" -Anonymous Review

"Every experience i have had w Possible has been OUTSTANDING!!! It is fantastic to have a relationship with a company that constantly pushes to be 110% in all they do. Thank you!" -Anonymous Review

"After several attempts at reaching out to customer service, Caz was able to handle my issue successfully in a matter of minutes. Thank you for your fast response and promptness with this issue!! Once you stepped in to help I had the funds DEPOSITED in my account in less than 5 minutes and I had been dealing with customer service for 5 days before your help. I'll be recommending Possible to as many people as I can. This app is an awesome alternative to traditional payday loans with the convenience of not even having to leave my home. Thanks Possible and thank you Caz for being there in a pinch!" -Anonymous Review


The first time I got a loan thru them, I was a little worried as I didn't get the money asap.. However, I reached out to a representative & they were more than happy to straighten things out. I recently paid off that loan and reapplied for another & was instantly approved! My credit score has gone up too!! 🙂 -Anonymous Review

I think how Possible setup their company is an excellent opportunity for anyone that is in need of a 2 Possibility for a + credit score. I went from 504 to 580 in 2 months with a loan I was already in need of. -Anonymous Review

Possible is simply AMAZING!!! It was there for some unexpected fixtures for my car that needed to be addressed. Possible made the loan painless and super easy to obtain. In addition I love to be able to edit my due dates without harming my credit score. Keep up the great work !!! -Roberto

Go no further for a new loan, this is honestly the best app that rivals Dave, fast and easy application with flexible payments available for convenience. A must try for those in need of something to help out during those emergencies or if you are just looking for a way to build your credit. Thank you for this App. -Anonymous Review

Possible Finance is great ! They get you approved quickly and once you pay off your loan you can immediately apply for a new loan immediately up to $250 ! This is great ! This works great for me and my family where I can buffer my bank account and have emergency funds on hand if need be until payday ! They also give you a 29 day grace period or you can choose to pay it back in monthly installments (improve credit score) or email them and change the date ! No Stress! One of the best loan apps🌟 -Anonymous Review

Makes getting a loan less stressful. Paying back is super easy. And reporting to the credit has had a positive impact on my credit

Thank you for being there when I needed the hand up! I'm so glad I chose Possible to get my loan with. You have been flexible, courteous, and great to work with. Again, I thank you!  😁 -Anonymous Review

The process was refreshingly efficient. -Anonymous Review

Muy buena aplicación! Es muy rápida y te dan el dinero en menos de 15 min. -Anonymous Review

You all are great, thanks for helping me out when I really needed it.  -Anonymous Review

Fast response, good payments and working with people thank you. -Anonymous Review

This is the first place since I've had my accident and got put on Social Security and can no longer work that you know even though it was a small amount of money believed in me enough to give me my chance to start rebuilding my credit thank you possible Finance

Possible Finance has helped me out when I needed it most! I'm so grateful I've stumbled upon this app. I'll definitely be a returning customer if I ever need help! 😁 The payback process is super easy and they're willing to work with you unlike most places or other apps. -Anonymous Review

"I really appreciate the loan and it has helped me get through a tough month. I really am thankful y'all are there to help out in a pinch. Thank you 👍" -Anonymous Review

Thank you! Amazing app that makes me feel confident using. I was sick with long term illness so my credit took a hit with medical bills & drop in income for few years. My wife has been trying to help get it up a bit & this app is definitely a Plus for both building credit & helping out when in a tight spot. To top it off? I found out the headquarters is in my state. Awesomely Awesome! Credit score is climbing! **My credit has jumped 100 points! Woohoo! -Anonymous Review

This service has trusted me and given me a chance during this hard time that America is having. Thank you so much. -Anonymous Review

I love the possible app you at poss loaned me $100 an I payed back early ( I tried to get a bigger loan of $500 but I was turned down now I gotta wait till Friday the 17th to apply again I'm going to take the $250 you at Possible offered me  ( this is one of the best apps I've used  Your app does what it says it does and you guys keep your word and I respect that thank you so much for giving me the privilege to borrow from you signed. -Michael

Possible makes it literally possible, no pun intended, to get a loan in double-quick time hassle free. If you need emergency funds, or want to build your credit, or just simply need some money to buy something, Possible is the place to go. -Anonymous Review

I wish I knew about this sooner. It was FAST and EASY. I Downloaded the app, and had the money I needed in Minutes! And they automatically take the payment for my loan out on my payday so I don't have to worry about missing a payment. -Anonymous Review

Finally an actual "second chance" option for credit building since credit is the new currency. FML. Wish they taught that stuff in school. Thank Possible for the possibility. They deserve a round of applause, but we shall see how this plays out though for society. -Anonymous Review

Si necesita un prestamo se. Lo. Recomiendo...10.. Points. -Anonymous Review

Approved in minutes! Been out of work due to the shelter in place orders, but my bills have not stopped. Thankful for this bit of help from Possible! -Anonymous Review

They were there when no one else was, you got my daughter her medication during this virus. I love you all and God bless. -Anonymous Review

Love it very easy and really does help bill credit......my credit score went up 86 points in about 2 months. -Anonymous Review

I'm impressed, I didn't expect to qualify and did immediately despite having a low credit score which I'm trying to improve thanks to Possible. My credit score after using Possible for only 2 months is up from 495 to 559 which is amazing! Possible is everything it claims to be and you'd be a fool not to use it. I'm beyond impressed and very thankful that I found Possible. It helps me out when I'm struggling and boosts my credit score. I'm stoked! -Anonymous Review

Thank you to our customers for trusting us and giving us a chance to improve your financial health. If you haven’t tried a Possible loan yet, you can apply for your loan today!

Feeling the burn

You need a payment button on your app. That would help. -John

Hi , I currently have a loan from you guys for 95$. I need a larger loan from a payday advance store like amscot in order to take care of an extreme emergency. This loan will not go through because I have an open loan out with you. So with that being said I NEED to pay off you in full so I can get this loan to take care of this emergency. Please please contact me back with the highest importance. -Anonymous review

It would be great if I could use you in Louisiana. -Anonymous review

"When I first used this app, it was great. I pretty much used it to boost my credit score. However, after successfully paying all my payments on time, they reported my account as “closed” rather than “paid as agreed”. This negatively impacted my credit score and it decreased by 20 points. Such a disappointment. Won’t be using again." -- iOS review by 77CF77

Thanks to both our current customers and prospective customers for feedback on areas for improvement. It is honest and transparent feedback that helps us improve our product and services. We will strive to make things better, easier, and simpler for you. Please apply for a loan directly in the Possible app or read more about our installment loans or alternative to payday loans.

Chang Fu

Chang is an avid writer, among other things, at Possible. He grew up loving reading and writing, creating his own poems and even a book he's now hidden in an old closet, unpublished. His financial experience at a large bank along with his passion for technology to help underserved communities inspires him to write for Possible.

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