Possible Finance Reviews - December 2020

Chang Fu
Jan 05, 2021

Every month, we showcase some of our best and worst reviews. We’re always striving to make our products better so if you have other feedback for us, please let us know at [email protected]. Thanks in advance!

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Feeling the love

"Wow I had no idea about this app till a friend of mine told me about it and of course I was very much skeptical, I needed quick cash but also the benefits of improving my credit in the slightest bit helps so I went for it and it was so painless and simple I would do it over and over again! Highly recommend if you need for these reasons as well!! It’s all explained in the app step by step so you know exactly what your getting into no secrets which is huge plus."

"Possible has flexible payment terms and really comes through in a clutch, everything is done straight from my phone and each time I borrow they approve me for more."

"I honestly thought I wasn't going to get approved because of my credit history thanks to COVID but thankfully I was approved once this loan is paid off I will definitely use them again."

"I was at a 500 something credit score and I'm now at a 680!!! Really helping me improve my credit! Almost Instant Loan Approvals and able to adjust repayment schedule! LOVE LOVE LOVE POSSIBLE"

"They helped me during a hard time. I was experiencing hardships due to covid and I turned to Possible for help and they approved me right away!"

"Money fast when you need it even faster with a debit card instant approval and really reports your to your credit easier, than a secured credit card in my opinion. They lend you money I had no credit what so ever now I do. I'm not the type to leave reviews but this might help ppl trying to establish credit."

"Stumbled upon this on Instagram got denied by 4 other loans before this a I got approved instantly for 200$ which is what I asked for and now just waiting for money to be deposited. Not gonna lie thought this was a scam but I took a chance and I dont regret it!!! Thank God I found this."

"☆Great app☆ highly recommend!! I have been trying to rebuild my credit & could not find a loan, credit card etc. to start on. I now have something to build off of & have a reasonable loan, with reasonable payments & with reasonable pay off amount. The app is also very easy to use. Looking forward to future loans & credit score raise"

"I rated this app 5 :star:️s because I’ve used several and this by far is the BEST one! All short term loans have a HIGH interest yield. But this one is reasonable. Unlike other short term loans, this one breaks up into 4 installments to pay back, not one huge lump sum to be deducted out of your account. Also it counts towards building credit or improving your credit. After initial application and approval you can just use the app to request funds after a few days of paying off your current loan. It’s offers a very easy to use application as well. I am not a bot, nor do I know anyone employed with possible. I was not paid to write this and I do not work for possible. I just know they really helped me out during this pandemic. THANK YOU POSSIBLE!!!"

"Omg possible finance was so easy to get my loan. I was in need of some fast cash due to an emergency and I was approved within minutes. Thanks Possible Finance. I will definitely refer my family and friends :)"

"Possible finance has saved my butt more times than id like to admit... Applying is so easy. I only wish they would do personal loans so i could handle all my debt and come back to possible where they treat you fair with reasonable payments and grace periods."

"Wow! I get declined everywhere. I tried this just to see without excepting to be approved, but to my surprise i was approved for $100 & it took me less then 15 mins to set up account, link my bank account and apply & get approved and have the money in my account!! Thank you Possible for giving me a chance to borrow money & improve my credit score! If you been declined literally everywhere else, give this app a shot! Im glad i did."

"It gave my credit score a huge boost id suggest this app to any one it helps build credit fast my credit was 520 and now its 630."

"Even though I didn't get the amount I requested, I got enough. I'm not a review writing type of individual, but this app is everything it says it is, and it's easy. Everything is crystal clear and you know what your options are when signing up. Took maybe 15 minutes?! Try Possible FIRST! Anything is possible with, well, Possible. Do they need a spokesman?"

"Approved me in literally seconds. 2020 Is a bummer and we're falling behind. This is extremely helpful. Update: we paid off the first loan and needed a second one. It's Christmas Eve and honestly it denied me at first so I reached out by email because nothing on my account had changed and we made all payments on time and in full. I received a quick response and was able to get the loan. Happy Holidays!"

"My son had surgery and we were a little short. This really helped in an emergency. I advise everyone not to use this for daily spending but to always keep this in your pocket when you have an emergency. It took 5 minutes to apply and have my money in my bank account and pay the hospital immediately! Thank you! Not to mention the bump in my credit score."

"I am in dire need of cash for my rent and this helped me. I was looking every where to find where I could get the money to pay for it and I found it. I was approved for $100 and that's the exact amount I needed. Thank you so much!"

"The BEST! Quick honest and always in top of there game. They mean what they say. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

"Its a great app, it help me a lot actually and its still helping me, I made some bad decisions through the year but thanks to possible I was able to get back up."

Feeling the burn

"Should expand to all states. Doesn't help anyone if you live in georgia or tennessee.. Update: it's been over a year and still can't access it if you live in either Georgia or Tennessee."

"This app sucks, I don't give a damn what the others have to say. First of all, they accept American Express but not Bluebird from "American Express" - Bluebird is where I receive my income but they don't except it."

"Was working fine until recent update. Now it says that it doesn't recognize my log in or password and I've changed my password and it still says it doesn't recognize it. Smh"

“Customer service phone line would solve issues faster in my opinion. The options are not specific enough or even closely related to issues that can be experienced."

"I received a negative charge and I wanted to know if I paid it would it go away and the rep had no knowledge and gave me a political correct answer."

Thanks to both current and prospective customers for feedback on what we're doing well as well as areas we can improve. It's honest and transparent feedback that helps us improve our products and services over time. Please apply for a loan directly in the Possible app or read more about us on our installment loans page, how we’re different from traditional payday loans, and the credit-building side of Possible.

Chang Fu

Chang is an avid writer, among other things, at Possible. He grew up loving reading and writing, creating his own poems and even a book he's now hidden in an old closet, unpublished. His financial experience at a large bank along with his passion for technology to help underserved communities inspires him to write for Possible.

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