Possible Finance Reviews - November 2020

Chang Fu
Dec 02, 2020

Every month, we showcase some of our best and worst reviews. We’re always striving to make our products better so if you have additional feedback, please let us know at [email protected]. Thanks in advance!

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Feeling the love

"A quick and easy way to apply for a small loan. If you're ever in a jam whether it's car trouble, medical bills, etc. Possible Finance is a great option especially since you don't have the hassle of paperwork or long phone calls. Very reliable and helpful source."

"Love it. This app rocks! It helps you when you need that extra cash. I recommend 100% download now."

"A quick loan that helps boost your credit score! It's unfortunate that most banks that handle our personal funds will not assist us with small loans to help repair our credit. This app did just that."

"Such a relief!!! After numerous attempts with other lenders and the endless meet go rounds with their processes, along with having to deal with ALL the spam and fake scammers that come along with the internet when don't things online, I have to make it crystal clear, that POSSIBLE FINANCE was hands down the fastest, simplest, straight to the point process of them all!!!!! POSSIBLE FINANCE, "YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!"

"DOWNLOAD THIS APP RIGHT NOW! Not only were they the first ones to help me with my first loan to build up my credit. Because I’m 19 years old. They literally saved me from being homeless. I was $200 short on rent because of Corona. I was panicking...literally qualified me for $275 within 1 hour... Thank you so much possible, I will always choose you."

"Possible’s more than affordable loans is more than an alternative of all those physical payday/cash advance stores. It’s something to actually switch to if you’re currently using the store payday loans... It’s payback process for borrowing a loan isn’t a 1 time full payment if you prefer it not to be! Split it into 4 payments without any charge or fees & adjust the dates to a time where you’re more able to pay. I’m not sure what the borrow limit is but it adjusts into a bigger borrowing limit as you borrow and pay"

"This app has completely been a life saver!! I can not express how much this app has helped me during these tough times. Especially with all this COVID 19 stuff going on. Thank you oh so much Possible for having faith in my repayment when no one else did."

"They have saved me with my low credit score. I never have to worry with this company lending me money..5 STARS AND A+ RATING"

"Credit score went up 10 points. Very easy. Very fast and very helpful. Losing 3 jobs during covid wrecked my credit and this loan process has been one of the most helpful financial tools i have ever used. Its very empowering to be trusted to become better at managing money."

"Really easy to follow and understand. I'm glad that I heard about this app from the radio..."

"APPROVED!!! This was my third time trying to get a small loan and as they say third time's a charm! Thank you for not giving up on me Possible Finance!!! You all are awesome!!! TO EVERYONE NEEDING HELP: DON'T GIVE UP! GET YOUR STUFF TOGETHER AND KEEP TRYING! YOU WILL EVENTUALLY GET APPROVED!!!"

"Got me out of a bind caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Very flexible on repayment (needed an extra day once to cover an unexpected expense), and it's great that it helped my credit score in the meantime. Borrower Beware: the APR you should expect to have will be significantly higher than what you'd probably find ideal. However, in a situation between having no money and a higher APR loan that's not overly difficult to pay back, I'm sure most would pick the latter. Great service!"

"My check didn’t clear in the bank as soon as it was expected to do I needed money FAST for a light bill. From downloading the app, to money in my bank, it was 20 minutes! Wonderful, Easy, and a great help in a time of need! Thank you!!"

"Not only do you get money BUT you pay it back in payments. The best advance for cash. Using possible helped my credit score so so much. i only had 4 payments every two weeks. if you are like me 37 no credit history use POSSIBLE"

"This is hands down, no questions asked, the best app available for legitimate, fast funds! Possible is safe, secure, easy, and so reliable"

"I was very reluctant to try this company but I checked them out and read everything and found That this company is not like the others. I decided to give them a try because an emergency came up and Possible literally made it possible to handle it. The process is so easy and I got the money in my account right away, 2 minutes! The payments are easily spread out of 4 months and you can change the date to pay early. The interest is high but worth it to build your credit, get emergency cash, and avoid the collateral and payday loan places. I will definitely continue to you Possible whenever I need a little extra!"

Fast and Reliable, they even give you options to change your payment date up to 29 days out. Thank you Possible finance, you rock! Have worked with them for 4 loans now. Very consistent and report to your credit.

"Needed help for an emergency and saw the commercial on TV for this app. Downloaded, entered info, got loan. It's really that simple! Payments set up to automatically come out of my bank account so no worries there. It also helps to build your credit..win-win"

"A Miracle App!! This is by far one of the best things I have come across and at a time that I needed it most. I first applied for a loan and asked for $200. I was approved for $50. The payments were only about $15 out of every paycheck. I paid my loan off early and requested a $200 loan again and was approved. The funds were directly deposited into my account within an hour. This is a God send. I highly recommend. Of course, do not abuse the app and make sure you a repaying on time."

"This app is Awesome! As long as you have a steady job, you can do this. I have been using this for almost a year. I get $250 whenever I need it and pay it back on the paydays I choose (within reason). It has been such a life saver, especially with how crazy the world is. And as soon as my loan is fully paid off, I can get another one right away if I choose. Its great! AND it helps raise your credit score!! Thank you for this app!"

"LIFE SAVER!!! This has been a complete life saver. The loan fees aren't to much and the payback is manageable. I recommend this to EVERYONE who may be in a tight spot."

"This app was my angel today. Used to have pretty good credit. It was completely dismantled and destroyed over the last year due to factors way beyond my control. I needed a little extra cash in a hurry. All my other apps I once used denied me. Possible stepped in and gave me an approval on a small loan that is going to help keep my kids warm through Christmas and the rest of winter. I can't thank you enough. Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!"

Feeling the burn

"Still says loan is on the way, instead of showing my payment dates. And is still really slow. Why can't you do this on a computer?"

"Imagine waiting over two years and counting for this app to be available in your state...."

"I would definitely be accepted with my chime account. Ughh that's frustrating. Thank you anyways"

"Little choices on bank options"

"All of these apps use plaid"

Thanks to both current and prospective customers for feedback on what we're doing well as well as areas we can improve on. It is honest and transparent feedback that helps us improve our products and services over time. Please apply for a loan directly in the Possible app or read more about us on our installment loans page, how we’re different from traditional payday loans, and the credit-building side of Possible.

Chang Fu

Chang is an avid writer, among other things, at Possible. He grew up loving reading and writing, creating his own poems and even a book he's now hidden in an old closet, unpublished. His financial experience at a large bank along with his passion for technology to help underserved communities inspires him to write for Possible.

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