Possible Finance Reviews - October 2020

Chang Fu
Oct 29, 2020

Every month, we showcase some of our best and worst reviews. We’re always striving to make our products better so if you have additional feedback, please let us know at [email protected]. Thanks in advance!

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Feeling the love

This helped me and my husband out of a very urgent emergency. It was fast, easy and very detailed. I love it and will be recommending to my family and friends. Give it a try.

Easy Breezy love the reminders and easy payment schedule.

When you need money fast it is right at your finger tips. Easy to use and let you know what you need to pay before acceptance. 2 thumbs up!

Love love love Possible Finance..bad credit. No problem..just pay it back..able to change due date to fit my finances...there when I needed them. 5 stars. Would give 10

Not a scam actual lender since taking small manageable loan and repayment my credit score has increased by having positive payment and loan history simple, straight forward, and easy

After my partner was out of work for 3 months for a medical issue, our household was seriously in debt and facing loss of housing. Multiple payday bridges secured payments but created a revolving cycle of borrowing to keep afloat. Possible is allowing me to break the cycle with small, flexible repayments and improving my credit score at the same time.

I am now currently on my second loan with possible and it is possible to get help becoming debt free. Possible has great installment plans to pay back what you owe. I highly recommend this app.

This app is a gift!!! My identity was stolen in 2015 and my credit was run into the ground, despite my attempts to hold the criminal accountable. As such, I havent been able to even fix my credit let alone build it. Until Possible Finance came along. After just two on time payment, my credit score has jumped by 100 points. I can finally start putting my life back together thanks to Possible Finance. To the creators, thank you so much, you have literally saved my life.

Honestly made my wedding possible! I have been using possible for my extra wedding expenses and has been amazing. Thank you.

I tried it, but didn't think I would be approved. I was ecstatic when it went through! Easiest loan I've ever applied for and received! I love that it helps boost my credit score! It is Possible!!

“You can get a loan from your bed! That’s the part I like.”

Honestly one of the best Apps I've ever had! Thank yall for being such a blessing to me during these difficult times! Fast approval, And they'll treat you like a friend amd not just a customer.

This app is a total life saver! Covid is kicking our butts financially right now and, our phones were unexpectedly shut off today for non payment. My brother told me about this app and it literally took me 5 minutes to get approved for a loan! They sent it straight to my bank account! Highly recommended this app if you're in a pinch!

I'll be glad when you're in Missouri my family is in Texas and they told me how good of an opportunity this is.

Super simple and quick to set up. I've been in a pinch for the last 6 weeks in between jobs. I was starting to worry about not being able to pay my next month of bills on time. Takes away the stress of having to wait until my first paycheck at my new job.

Thank god these guys are so good to me and let's say my first loan with them was small and I pay it off, then now I need another loan and they help me out again and as long you make your payments they will always give you a loan with no questions ask!! Thank you so much possible loans!!

I have tried several apps that work the same way, (apps named after people obviously). Even though my account is below 10$ or it went negative a few cents this app borrowed me the money i needed. Thank you possible!!!

I was very skeptic but now i'm Totally amazed. No joke.. Very simple for a country girl to figure out.

Quick application and and reply. Very easy to work with and if need be, I can easily move my payment date online without having to actually talk to someone and explain my hardships/difficulties and made to feel bad all over again when it's already a hard time. Really looking forward to seeing it help my credit as well. Definitely worth a shot if you need a little extra funds and help your credit score.

Feeling the burn

Not easy as at all. Think before applying. Targeted to help the average person. However. Long list of pre-disqualifications that will have you insta-denied before you can finish clicking submit application and blinking your eyes. No credit check. Think before getting excited or sending personal information.

They don't accept chime.

This is terrible service it shouldn't give you the option select or add a debit if the feature is not all the way ready. Terrible, I wanted to pay my loan off faster but it takes forever with the bank account. At this point I have no choice.

Easy to use but takes 5 to 7 days to process a payment

It was a great app in the begining. I used it for over a year probably to get 5-6 small loans out. I just paid off my loan and now they are no longer taking my bank.

Thanks to both our current and prospective customers for feedback on what we're doing well as well as areas we can improve on. It is honest and transparent feedback that helps us improve our products and services over time. Please apply for a loan directly in the Possible app or read more about us on our installment loans page, how we’re different from traditional payday loans, and the credit-building side of Possible.

Chang Fu

Chang is an avid writer, among other things. He grew up loving reading and writing, creating his own poems and even a book he's now hidden in an old closet, unpublished. His financial experience at a large bank along with his passion for technology to help underserved communities inspired him to write for Possible.

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