Possible Finance Reviews - September 2020

Chang Fu
Oct 05, 2020

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Feeling the love

After my wife left me with nothing, possible lent me $50 within 5 minutes of downloading the app, so i could buy food and gas to get me to payday. Amazingly easy interface and quality service.

I couldn't pay my rent my lights my or my internet bill. This app is a life saver unlike other apps like albert dave and earnin they can send you the money the same day as long as you have a bank account. Thanks a lot possible finance, imma share you guys on facebook.

No lie I been trying to get a loan for the longest. I've had bad things in the past but now I'm making things right. And I've downloaded Possible and it had changed me tremendously. They approved me with a loan through my chime account and now I'm on my second loan. They do report to the credit bureau so it does impact your score. But make your payment on time and it goes up. And that it did. I just wanna say thanks to possible finance for making this happen.

This app was recommended to me by Credit Sesame. I had a BK after my divorce about six years ago. Once it was discharged, I was hit by tons of credit offers- not the best for someone fresh out of debt. Between that, medical bills, having my second child and tons of life events (you know how it goes- when it rains, it pours), I was struggling a bit and it affected my credit score greatly. COVID has been another kick in the shins too. Anyways, I've been working extremely hard to raise my score the past nine months and Possible does just that- and it's EASY! Best part is it's not a hard hit to your credit. Possible is similar to Self (which I also highly recommend & love!). Possible & Self are amazing apps. They help those of us that are trying to improve, but conventional credit cards don't trust us bc we made some mistakes. They give you and inch and it's up to you to take it a mile and make it work for you. I'm appreciative for any help offered that helps me dig out of this trench. Slowly but surely, I'm almost back in the mid 600’s. I'm excited to see how much Possible helps me. The application process was a cinch- took less than five minutes. Money gets deposited within an hour! Sure, it may not be much, but that's not the point. Possible is designed to help improve your credit score. In turn, you pay maybe 20% on top in fees. But to me, $40 is worth it for some extra cash & a possible improvement in my credit report. Thank you, Possible:)

I think the Possible app is great way to get money for emergency situations and it's a great way to build your credit. It is a better alternative to payday loans. I highly recommend this application. I probably won't ever go back to the old way of borrowing.

Alright so I'll start with: I never leave reviews. I have better stuff to do. But I'm taking the time to type this because I was not expecting to 1)Be approved for anything with my credit. 2) if I did wouldn't be much 3) they would take forever to send the money....well you can imagine my surprise when they approved me for $200. Alright kinda cool. But what took the cake? Within 15 MINUTES: money was in my account. Baffled me 🙂 added bonus: they give you plenty of time to pay it off. Guys, I fully expected this to be a scam but I am telling you it's not. Setting up my account wasn't bad. You will need your ID and social security number (yes they do run your credit since this is a LOAN, not a cash advance) get your bank account set up, choose your amount and BOOM! Approved and money arrives! I'll go ahead and say my credit score is 370...yes I know very low(life happens) but I was still approved. It's worth it guys.

👍👍Two Thumbs Up! When my son got sick & needed meds insurance didn't cover I checked so many other apps only to be unqualified/denied or couldn't afford the interest. With the Possible Finance app the whole process was ridiculously quick, easy & affordable. I installed app, created account, applied for sml loan (only asked for what I needed, $50), approved & was pulling the $$ out of my bank in 45 mins, enough time to make it to the pharmacy before they closed. Thank you Possible Finance😊💖👍

This app was my last hope to pay a quick bill when i couldnt get help elsewhere. Im in between jobs right now but i do uber and lyft to get by and this app helped me out so much thank you!

Amazing app!!! My credit score is very low due to bad choices when I was younger and lack of knowledge on how to manage finances and the importance of a good score. So now I'm taking the necessary steps to rebuild my credit. Possible finance was the only one of many who was willing to help. They approved my loan with no issues and had my money within minutes and now in on my way to a better credit score!!!! Thank U. Awesome customer service, Laura was amazing!!!!

I was just crying my eyes out because in under five minutes, using this app, $85 was put into my bank account so I can get to work tomorrow. I also get paid in two days and I'm in between jobs. So gas and money has been TIGHT. Thank you so much possible—you have just changed this scared, single mommy's day for the better.

My credit is extremely shot from a bad situation. My friend recently passed away unexpectedly and this is going to help with costs. THANK YOU!

Cool and it's real. First time I listened to a radio commercial and it really did help me.

Instant and totally legit! This app is easy to use, super fast and convenient. If you have a Visa debit card you can receive funds within the hour. I'm on my second loan and loving the manageable fee schedule and options! Possible rocks!

Possible is the ONLY loan I've seen without an insane interest rate !! I've taken out three smaller loans, and paid them back successfully because of their flexibility. You can even extend due dates if needed ! If you're looking for a loan that will build your credit and give you emergency cash USE THIS ONE.

They treat you like family and especially during these trouble times they understand and treat you like a human being I wouldn't know what to do without them I value them so much. Thank you

Not one other loan app has approved me do to not having any credit and this is the first and only one that has worked and helped tremendously! I highly recommend it if u need some help with money and are just starting out with trying to build credit. Its a win win for me i needed a installment loan with reasonable payments and help building a credit history i got both from this app. 😊

Feeling the burn

Great for getting approved for a loan when no other company approves you; however, there are nothing but consistent issues with this app. You cannot update your payment method, you cannot update your payment date, and you cannot contact an agent by phone to get immediate help, because there are none! You have to wait for an emailed response. I will not use this app again.

I was able to get my first loan through possible using my PNC account. I paid it off. I've been trying to apply for a new loan, but I've been having a lot of issues with connecting my bank to the app. I keep getting errors and them wanting to relink my account. I've tried for over a week now. I reached out to customer service, and they have tried to help me. I guess if you have a bank account with PNC then you are screwed. Oh well

I've been trying to pay my loan off FOR 3 MONTHS. Literally. I cannot login to my account because my Facebook details changed for security reasons. I'm instead encouraged to create a new account and apply for a new loan.

Thanks to both our current and prospective customers for feedback on what we're doing well as well as areas we can improve on. It is honest and transparent feedback that helps us improve our products and services over time. We want to make things better, easier, and simpler for you. Please apply for a loan directly in the Possible app or read more about us on our installment loans page or how we’re different from traditional payday loans.

Chang Fu

Chang is an avid writer, among other things, at Possible. He grew up loving reading and writing, creating his own poems and even a book he's now hidden in an old closet, unpublished. His financial experience at a large bank along with his passion for technology to help underserved communities inspires him to write for Possible.

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