Possible Reviews - November 2019

Chang Fu
Dec 04, 2019

Every month, we highlight some of our favorite reviews along with things we can improve on. We’re always looking to improve our product and experience for our customers so if you have additional feedback, please let us know at [email protected]

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Feeling the love

“I want to work on my credit so I saw the ad for Possible on Facebook. I decided to give it a shot. The application process was a breeze. Sent them a copy of my driver’s license submitted everything asking for 100 dollars and within 30 minutes I was approved with no issues whatsoever and 10 minutes later the 100 was in my bank account so yes Possible so far is great and will continue to use them!” -Anonymous review

“Best app ever!” -Simon R

“I am glad I found this app and it let’s me get my money in as soon as hour? I hope that stays free because this app just saved me until my next check I literally had no other fast way to get my money. The application was easy as well. Please keep this app easy and stress free as it was! Also the payback wasn’t as high as other loan companies big 5 star to that as well.” -Vanessa

“It was fast and easy and its helping me re-establish my credit in the process. Thank you for approving me when noone else did!!!” -Ruby G

“You’ve made a believer out of me. Thank You Possible Finance. My credit has climbed up faster than I ever thought it would. Went from upper 300’s to now 588-612 range and still climbing. I will be a loyal customer of yours and highly recommend your company. You’ve made a real difference in improving my credit in record time. Keep it up!” -Derrick B

“Really needed some extra cash for some emergency expenses. This made taking a personal loan easy and affordable to pay back. Thanks Possible!” -Anonymous review

“I downloaded this app a few weeks ago, but as I work part time I hadn’t applied because I thought I wouldn’t be approved. I ended up having a flat and needed to buy a used tire for $50. I applied and was approved about 5 hours later, and I got the loan in my account about an hour after that. My credit is NOT great, but I was still approved. I also appreciate the weekly payments, instead of having to repay the full loan on one paycheck. Thumbs up from this girl” -Jodie S

“I’m impressed by how low-fuss and simple it really is. this is a well built app, all about a quick loan process. Days after my loan closed, my credit showed a paid account and my credit score raised.” -Anonymous review

“Please keep up the awesome work Garett and Possible – you guys are helping and changing people’s financial situations for the good!!!!” -David

“A friend at work told me about Possible Finance. So happy he did. Very easy to apply, they work with you if your unable to make the payment on the scheduled due date. Recommend this to Anyone.” -Anonymous review

“This was super easy, and I didn’t have to interact with a person. I thank whoever made this app. I have very bad credit, but they still approved me. I will be keeping this app to help me if I’m ever in a bind again.” – Anonymous review

“This is my first time getting a loan with them so I don’t have much to say other than they came thru for me like a champ … I didn’t get as much as i asked for but i understand i am a new customer and a history is in order to check my worthiness… Thank you possible finance for coming thru for me during my emergency need for funds… im giving them a 5 star rating because they gave me the option to get the funds sooner than scheduled: one has to appreciate that in their time of need.” -Anonymous review

“Love this app I did this because it reports to transunion I had no credit ai noone will loan or if they will they want 1000 back in interest NO THANK YOU!! Possible finance I feel is very fair on interest rate and it’s in your account immediately. My score has went up 43 pts in just the last 8 weeks from this app alone definitely recommended.” -Anonymous review

“Man you guys saved my butt. I just paid my rent and car insurance, next thing I know my tire blows and I had to use my savings to get me back on the road. Well about 200 miles later my brakes had gone out and I needed brakes asap, I have a 3 year old and I cant have him in my car if it can’t stop. So thank you possible loan. You saved my butt, I was able to get the brakes I needed to keep moving forward!!!” -Anonymous review

“I literally just downloaded the app from Facebook! Need asap emergency help and not even 5 mins had an answer. I wish I would of known about this app a month ago. Thank you so much for the help!” -Anonymous review

“Thank you so much for your help. You really don’t understand how much this means to my kids and I!” -Anonymous review

“Cody was very helpful in resolving my issue. Wish more customer service agents were like him!” -Megatron

“I talked to two different people in regards to the issue I was having with the App and you guys were BOTH AMAZING !!!!! Consistent and fast with responses and were incredibly professional and knowledgeable! I LOVE the app by the way, great job Possible! SAMUEL MEIER (YOU’RE LITERALLY THE BEST YOU DESERVE A RAISE !) thanks again for everything ! If i could speak to your supervisor and praise you for what you’ve done for me I would :)” -Alana

“Possible gave me a chance when I couldn’t get one anywhere else. Thanks.” -Anonymous review

“I really love your prompt attention to my personal requests. I give you 5 stars. excellent customer service.” – Mary

“So far so good! Easy application process and approval without all the paperwork. Did from my bed!!” -Anonymous review

“I been using you all for a year now to give the credit score a nudge in the right direction.” -Anonymous review

“I am happy with the quality of the site and like that they wont just give you a 500 dollar loan if they dont think you will be able to make payment but are good about having some money available and if your bank account has good history they approve you for more” -Anonymous review

“Thank you guys for giving me the chance to take a loan out with you guys. Very hard when i was fighting cancer and lost everything i really appreciate it happy Thanksgiving to you all as well.” -Thawanna

“I’m so happy that I chose to use Possible for my loan. Emails like this prove that you guys really care. I’ve already seen my credit score improve in just one month! Thank you for everything you guys do!” -Michelle

“Yall know i tried my best yall have been great to me when ever body else has just done me wrong i am truly grateful for the great service yall have gave me!” -David

“I wanted to let you know I received the funds this morning sometime before I got up:) It was in my account and available. My wife was on my Facebook the other day and I had her look to see if you had a facebook page for the company and I found it. Would you mind if I had her write a comment about you on the reviews? We had talked about your determination, amazing customer service skills and the fact that you go way beyond most to make sure that the customer is taking care. It’s hard to find customer service like that anymore. I noticed that Possible Finance is gaining a great customer base very fast. Great Customer service goes a long way!” -Kenneth

“I have terrible credit I have literally tried every loan option out there. This was the only company willing to take a chance on me and I am forever grateful. With rent and car note due I was falling about $200 short since I’ve been on work leave pay so I have been really struggling to get by. I came across this app on Facebook and within minutes I was approved for a short term loan of $200!! Exactly what I needed to make due and at the same time it will help me improve my credit it’s a win win for me! Thank you again!” -Anonymous review

Thank you to our customers for trusting us and giving us a chance to improve your financial health. If you haven’t tried a Possible loan yet, you can apply for your loan today! For additional content, you can read more about payday loans or the Possible mission.

Feeling the burn

“It’s not available in Georgia but it looks like they got great reviews. We need help in Georgia so please hurry up and make it available here.” -Anonymous review

“This is ridiculous. I have applied for, been approved for and paid off a total of three previous loans. I go to apply for another one recently and it says I am unsupported or it won’t allow me to apply. This is LAME. Be consistent!…” -Anonymous review

“It would be nice if you would support Green Dot Bank. That’s how I get my direct deposit. You would think that prepaid cards would be supported seeing how you cannot overdraft on them. Maybe you should.make it a case by case scenario. If you looked at my deposit history, you would see i have been getting direct deposits every friday for a yr! i have never been negative, and it’s very frustrating that you do not support it.” -Anonymous review

“Is it me or does this just not work? It says we’ll have your answer in 24 hours. It’s been 16 exactly….” -Anonymous review

Thanks to both our current customers and prospective customers for feedback. It is honest and transparent feedback that helps us improve our product. We will strive to make things better, easier, and simpler for you. Please leave additional feedback or apply for a loan directly in the Possible app.

Chang Fu

Chang is an avid writer, among other things, at Possible. He grew up loving reading and writing, creating his own poems and even a book he's now hidden in an old closet, unpublished. His financial experience at a large bank along with his passion for technology to help underserved communities inspires him to write for Possible.

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