Side Hustles and Apps You Should Consider to Earn Extra Money

Michael Collins
Dec 07, 2020

A side hustle, or a secondary job someone takes to make extra money, is a great way to help make ends meet or to have some extra cash on hand. Want to learn about some great side hustle ideas with earning potential? Keep on reading!

Even without the current pandemic we are in at the time of writing this article, money can be hard to come by. Even if you have a steady day job, it can be very difficult to make ends meet. If you are without work, you may still need income to pay your bills while you look for another job. Even if you are not struggling to make ends meet, you still might be looking for some extra cash that you can splurge on yourself. Whatever situation you are in, a side hustle job can be an awesome way to make the money that you are looking for in your spare time. 

Side hustles have never been easier. With advancements in technology, our world has become increasingly digital. Further, the pandemic has forced millions of people to work and learn from home, which has opened up many opportunities to attain or continue to maintain financial independence. This means that just from the phone in your pocket or your computer at home, you can find a source of extra income to meet your needs. For many of these side gigs, you do not even need to leave the comfort of your home. 

Whatever your skill set is, there is likely a side hustle job for you. Even if you are not an expert at any one thing, there is still an opportunity for money to be made somewhere. Love to drive?  Know a second language or another subject? There are jobs for you. Love dogs? We’ve even got you covered there. Whatever it is you are good at or like to do, the right side hustle most likely exists for you. Here are some of our favorite profitable side hustle ideas. Keep reading so you can be on your way to making some good money! 

Driving Services

While tons of other jobs have disappeared during the pandemic, other jobs and industries have continued to push on and make money for the workers. One such industry are driving service companies such as Uber, Lyft, and Postmates. Heard of them before? 

Actually, Uber and Lyft were some of the first companies that kicked off the gig-economy that we know today! These jobs have provided sid gigs for hundreds of thousands of workers and could provide you with one as well. Essentially, these driving services are requested by customers on their phones and the service is fulfilled by a worker with a car. The workers can organize their own schedule and work on their own time by simply opening the app and waiting for a customer to request their services. Due to the flexibility of these jobs, you can work as little or as much as you want to. This flexibility makes it a perfect side hustle to do in your spare time. While these driving services are very similar, there are some key differences that separate some of them. 

Uber / Lyft

Uber and Lyft are the two most popular app-based driving services around. A customer that needs a ride from point A to point B will open up their Uber or Lyft app and request a driver. A driver will come pick them up in their own vehicle and take them to their destination. The passenger is charged a fare which the driver then gets a portion of, in addition to any tips the passenger gives. 

As a driver, you can use Lyft and Uber simultaneously to get as many rides as possible. There is nothing that limits you from having both apps open at the same time and accepting rides for both companies. This flexibility as well as the ability to pick up and drive whenever you want is Uber and Lyft’s best aspect from a worker standpoint. It is also arguably more consistent income than many of these other side hustling gigs as there always seems to be demand for a ride and you can work as much as you want on your own schedule. You also get paid instantly when you drive for these two apps which is another added bonus.

An obvious drawback for driving with these companies is that you need a vehicle and a driver’s license to drive. While you may have those two things, many people do not and cannot drive with Uber or Lyft. Renting a car to drive with Uber and Lyft may pay off, but it is a risky investment that may come back to hurt you if you get in an accident or can’t make payments for your car. 

Postmates / GrubHub / DoorDash / Instacart

These four companies are just a few of the many companies that offer roughly the same service. Like Uber and Lyft, you are fulfilling customers' orders by driving for them. Instead of picking them up, you are picking up their food or grocery orders. You get a portion of the customer’s payment as well as tips, just like Uber and Lyft. 

During the pandemic, people have been forced inside. However, people still need to eat and will order out to get the exact meals they want. Since most restaurants do not deliver, especially fast food ones, drivers for services like these have seen a large increase in demand. While you may not see the same demand as Uber and Lyft on any one of these apps alone, the ability to switch between apps is a great way to keep a steady influx of demand and extra income. 

Side Note

Along with these types of jobs, there is great demand for delivery services for companies like Amazon. If you are looking for a more permanent job with greater earning potential than these previous options, driving for a company like Amazon could be a great way to meet that goal. Amazon and other companies’ delivery services are growing in demand and there may be a job waiting for you with them.

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Dog Walking

Love dogs? You’re not alone. The pandemic has seen a gigantic increase in pet owners, primarily with owners adopting dogs. This presents a great opportunity to make some extra money taking care of some of these pets as a dog walker! If you are a lover of furry friends, walking and otherwise taking care of dogs could be a side gig that not only lets you do something you love but let’s you make some good money doing it. 

Rover / Wag

Rover and Wag are two very similar apps that connect you with pet owners that need help walking or taking care of their pets. These are the two most popular apps of their type and are available in thousands of cities across America. With these two apps, you may likely need to pass certain criteria and background checks as well as acquire some certifications so you are cleared to take care of people’s furry friends. 

With Rover, you can do much more than just dog walking. You can provide overnight pet care, house sitting, dog day care, and quick drop in visits as well. Rover offers you many options to bring in some side income. You can also adjust your price point if you feel you are the primo dog walker in your town. You can also take care of cats if that’s more your speed!

Similarly, with Wag you can do many of the additional services that Rover offers as well as training or health services for the animals. With Wag, you work in 20, 30, or 60 minute increments and can get paid about $15 per hour on average. Not such a bad side hustle idea after all, huh?


Fiverr truly embodies the term “gig economy.” With Fiverr, you are literally searching for real side-jobs or “gigs” online that you can do to make you some quick cash. As said on Fiverr’s website, “Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services.” Fiverr is a free app that you can set up in minutes and be on your way to making money. 

Fiverr is essentially an online marketplace where buyers are looking to hire people with specific skill sets. For example, let’s say you are a fitness guru and have a knack for making workout and diet plans. Someone could search up your service on Fiverr and pay you a certain price for you to make them a diet and workout plan. There are an unbelievable amount of skills and services that are offered on Fiverr, and making use of your specific skills on Fiverr could be a great side hustle idea. 

With Fiverr, you can make your customized profile and show potential clients what exactly you are good at. You can charge as much or as little as you want and you can accept or decline as many jobs as you want. Check out Fiverr to see all the places you could potentially be making some money. There is anything from “freelance writing and translation” to “graphic design and social media.” There is bound to be a place where your services can be put to use and you can make some money!

The only drawback with Fiverr is that you are competing with hundreds or even thousands of people for services. If your skill is graphic design, something that many other people have as well, you may be competing with a great deal of people to fight for demand. This may force you to charge lower prices or have to spend more time on your craft, both requiring more time and energy to make more money. 


Education, especially for younger kids, has been greatly affected as a result of the pandemic. We have continually seen children being sent home from school due to safety reasons and taking classes online or being homeschooled for the time being. This is both a huge burden on the parent as well as the kids. At all levels of education, classes have changed and many are being forced to learn online. This can lead to a lower quality of education if teachers and schools are underprepared when transitioning to online learning.

This presents an unbelievable opportunity for online tutors to fill in many of the gaps that online schooling has been creating. Likewise, online tutors can provide parents with the relief they may need when it comes to homeschooling their children. Having a one-on-one or even a small group of students in a tutoring session is exactly what some students and parents might be looking for. In the current pandemic, you will likely not even need to leave your home to teach an online course or tutor students. And, you can have access to potential clients across the country. 

If you are good with kids, there are bound to be plenty of subjects you may feel comfortable with teaching them. Likewise, if you have advanced knowledge in a certain subject or trade, you can also find opportunities to teach older people. 

A great website to find tutoring jobs is has tons of subject areas for you to find tutoring jobs within and you can offer your services as long as you have a high school diploma or a GED. Chegg is another service that has a massive reach to hundreds of thousands of students that may be looking for a tutor. The pay with Chegg starts at about $20 and can go even higher depending on how you perform!

Teach a Language

Similar to tutoring students online, if you know a second language, teaching others that language online could be a great idea to make you some extra money. Knowing a second language is a skill that is highly sought after, and many people of all ages are eager to learn a second language. Like tutoring, you can do this from the comfort of your home. You can teach people from across the country and possibly even some students from across the world through an online course!
With many of these sites you can set your own price and set your own hours, which makes this an extremely flexible and profitable side hustle. Some of these awesome platforms to teach languages on include Verbling, iTalki, and Verbal Planet. Check these and many others out so you can see if being a language tutor is the right side hustle for you!

Michael Collins

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