The way is the aim

Scott Simmons
Oct 11, 2019

My name is Scott. I recently joined a 15 person, series A start-up, Possible Finance, as their Head of Talent & People Operations. Ordering food, taking out the garbage, and fixing toilets are not part of my job description! Yet, I do all these things and love my job.

On the second day of employment, I found myself walking to the local Ace hardware store to buy tools to get the office toilet operational again. Later that week, I was asked to manage the garbage services. And the following week I found myself ordering the office supplies, drinks and snacks our employees enjoy. None of these tasks are in my job description. I don’t care. You could literally ask me to mop the floor and I’d jump at the chance to do so. 

Why? Because I love the opportunity I’ve been given. The chance to build a company, and not just do a job. The opportunity to build the foundation of a successful organization & the culture of the company. The idea that the work I do today is the sheer essence of what we will become. That’s exhilarating! Isn’t this what joining an early-stage startup is all about? Pitching in, going outside the lines, getting things done. 

I’ve been blessed throughout my career to be surrounded by amazing people (Microsoft & Groupon), products (Apple & Axon), and innovations (Netscape & Amazon). I’ve even been part of other successful startups (Transmeta & Kontiki). But this time, now with many years of experience, I realize fully the gift that has presented itself to me. It is a rare opportunity to join a unique, well-backed, & beloved company like Possible. I am surrounded by talented people who are passionate about our mission to improve the lives of everyday Americans. 

Having the vision to change peoples lives for the better and then bringing it to reality is exhilarating. Each one of my teammates is committed, fun, and doing more than their job descriptions too.  

Yes, I prefer that one day soon, I can spend more of my time focusing on strategic tasks rather than taking out the garbage. Yet, the small details are just as meaningful to me. The stories we will tell after our eventual successful IPO will all be about that time I fixed the toilet, solved the garbage problem, and how much fun everyone had when they discovered the Otter Pops I hid in the freezer. These are the things I will remember the most. 

I am truly blessed to be part of such a great team. Ping me if you want your next job to be more than a job. I’m sure we can help bring meaning to your work, whatever that may be!

Scott Simmons

Scott loves all things talent or ranching. He has long been fascinated by the idea that “the Pen is Mightier than the Sword” and dreams of becoming a well-read author. Until then, he enjoys sharing short essays with others.

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