A Fast and Affordable Payday Loan Alternative

Borrow up to $500* in minutes** even with bad credit. Repay over time and build your credit history.

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Better than a payday loan

How is Possible different? At Possible, we're dedicated to fighting for financial fairness and empowering our customers to build a better, stable financial future.

How do we accomplish that? We offer short-term loans and other financial resources to help you make ends meet during your time of need.

With Possible, you get:

  • Up to $500* in minutes** through our mobile app
  • Build positive credit history by repaying on time over 2 months
  • Reschedule payments up to 29 days later
  • All from our easy and convenient mobile app

How do payday loan alternatives compare?

Possible has more options than many payday loan alternative competitors

Possible is ahead of the curve when compared to traditional payday loans, bank overdraft protection, and many cash advance apps. Not only do we get you money fast**, offer repayment over time and help you build a positive credit history with on-time payments, but you can also complete the entire loan process through our mobile app. It doesn't get easier or more convenient than that!

Why an alternative to payday loans?

Payday loans and paycheck advances are necessary resources for many people in their day-to-day life. Cars break down, children need an emergency room visit, and other unexpected expenses leave us short before payday.

The problem is that many payday loan lenders charge high interest rates and fees, making a bad situation even worse as they charge you exorbitant late fees every time you can't repay the loan in full.

Payday lenders also generally don't report the repayment to the credit bureaus, leaving you with less money and a debt that can be difficult to fully pay off. Learn more about traditional payday loans.

If you don't have a high credit score, then credit cards may also not be an option as they often punish borrowers with bad credit by providing money at high annual percentage rates, or APRs. In addition, credit card cash advances can have even higher fees tacked on to the original amount borrowed, and the payment plans offered are often constructed to make the credit card company the maximum amount of profit from the loan.

So even if you can get a credit card, you may end up paying much more than the original charge.

Have questions about using credit? Read our guide to everything credit.

The Possible app on multiple smartphone screens.

How to Apply for a Possible Loan

To apply for a Possible loan, you need:

  • Download the Possible app on the iOS app store, the Google Play Store or access our Web App
  • Sign in through the app and apply for a loan (You’ll need to connect your bank account and verify your identity in app)
  • We’ll notify you within 24 hours whether you are approved for a loan
  • Sign the loan agreement and choose how you want to receive your funds
  • Repay over time and start building credit!

To apply for a Possible loan, you must reside in one of the states we operate in. (Your state not on our list? Check back often, as we're always adding new states!)

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Washington

You can find our licenses to act as a lender here in our states as follows: Florida, Idaho, Ohio, Texas, Utah, Washington, Louisiana, and California. 

Through our partnership with Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC, we also serve customers in Mississippi, Missouri, Michigan, Indiana, South Carolina, Iowa, Kansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Alabama, and Delaware.

We loan money to those in these qualifying states via our app accessible from the Google Play Store and the App Store. If you live in one of our covered states, you can borrow money and start building your credit today! Note that rates vary by state, but don’t worry, we keep them lower other financial solutions.

Possible will soon be launching in additional states and we aspire to cover the entire country. If you live in a state outside of our coverage area, you can download the app, sign up, and choose your state of residence. We will contact you once we are live in your state.

With Possible, you can apply with your smartphone anywhere, like this person outdoors with phone

Payday loan alternatives like Possible avoid "debt spirals"

When you're looking for an emergency loan, you're not necessarily thinking about the future. You're thinking about your sick family member, and if you'll pass a credit check. This naturally results in many people not reading the fine print, and ending up owing more money than they intended.

The next paycheck comes, and the borrower can't afford to pay in full, so they "roll over" the debt, not realizing that they may only be paying a renewal fee rather than paying down the actual principal of their loan.

These rollovers continue until the payday lender asks for the full amount due - often to the surprise of the borrower. This can, of course, lead to spending money on a debt consolidation company or even collections.

Possible works hard to help our customers understand the terms of our installment loans, from the loan amount to your repayment terms. It's our way to help our customers avoid becoming even more financially vulnerable.

Download the Possible app and experience the difference

Don't take our word for it. Download our app today and see how easy it is to apply for a loan and get cash today.**

Still not sure if Possible is the right fit for you? See what people are saying about us:

What customers are saying

The process was so fast and easy, and required no faxing of any documents! A few questions, linking my checking account, and a quick picture of my ID and my loan was approved at a much lower rate/fee than a payday loan. All with the added benefit of positively reporting to all 3 credit bureaus. A great service to offer your customers...thank you!

Google Play Review

Since my divorce my credit has been SHOT, I’ve been struggling to get on my feet and often find myself scrounging by right before payday...Literally within an hour of signing up there was money deposited into my bank account!!!! Where else are you going to get $150 deposited directly into your bank account within an hour at 10pm on Sunday night?? Thank you so much!!!

App Store Review

A true blessing! I have a hard time even finding words that accurately describe how pleased I am with the service provided by Possible Finance. The app is easy to use and I had an amazingly wonderful experience through email correspondence with customer service and I seriously can’t thank them enough for the service they provide and the care they show customers. It’s like borrowing money from a good friend that increases your credit score!

App Store Review

Amazing! For someone who is rebuilding credit this is the best! I got my first the beginning of January. My first report on my current status showed up today...my score went up 91 points! Not only that it does NOT do a hard inquiry to get approved! Thank you Possible Finance for being out there for us!

App Store Review

I have been searching high and low for days for an installment loan. My credit has been checked so many times...I was about to give up and then I saw Possible. You saved me in an emergency. I love how I can pay over four pay periods keeping me from the vicious cycle and from drowning trying to pay it back. You are awesome!!!! ❤️️❤️️❤️️

App Store Review

I love Possible Finance! After going through a rough patch in life about 3 yrs ago, my credit got hit big time. I’ve been working on building up recently...and my credit has gone up since then. I got an email from Possible stating I was now pre-qualified!...I’m happy a company finally believes in me again. Also, knowing there is a 29 day grace period is comforting. Thank you Possible!

Google Play Review

This was truly a lifesaver during an unexpected financial inconvenience and the fact that I was APPROVED and RECEIVED the money in one day is AMAZING! I am definitely saving and using this app in the future if need be.

Google Play Review

What I need RIGHT when I need it. Look...I screwed up my credit when I was younger, not knowing the importance and being responsible with it. So I love the fact that this helps build or at least contribute to a positive impact on my credit...So thank you!

App Store Review
R.D. Smith

Excellent App and Company. This is great to build credit, for unforeseen expenses, and as a bank buffer. I would recommend this for everyone!!!

Google Play Review